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Let’s learn a little bit about app. What is an App? App is a short abbreviated form of the word “application”. It is a software program that’s fully designed to perform a specific task for the user. App is meant for helping us do our job online or offline faster. Mobile app for example a calculator can help us to calculate large sum of number in the blink of an eye. While some other mobile app helps us to release our stress, improves our lifestyle and also reminds us what’s the weather today. Many of this app is available for free and you might be asking me how they are making from that. It is indeed very simple. Most of the free apps on the market today make money from advertisement. Some company will pay you money to put a video, banner or slogans on your app. If you are using the Google as a bridge for more advertisement, there will be different kind of things being advertised on your app. It is a good start to earn money. The more people download and see the ads the more money you will make. In short, mobile app gives many benefits to the users and producers. Click Here To Get More Information Best app developers.