Cooking of food is an art for sure. There is no point of defining exact scientific principle for the preparation of a dish in particular. The scientific principles are absent for every new experiment gives out a new taste to the existing dish, and hence there are no pros and cons of a particular experimentation. The business of cooking is of an art that involves the gaining of experience for the person to claim good control over the rules and principles of cooking that are conventional for so long. However, these conventional styles are not meant to be staying for so long, but these are the ones that are known to impart one of the greatest flavoring impact over the dish getting cooked.
But since cooking is an experimental art, there is a great scope of learning the intricacies of the dishes and their procedures with the help of cooking games. The cooking games that are the sources for artificial cooking experience are no threats for the modern world as people can get as much experience as they want to have with them. There is no need to arrange for the resources required for the preparation of food in actual. All the preparation is done over the computer and with the help of IT, real life experiences are sharpened for the cause of better good. At such places where it was highly difficult to gain strength to cut the vegetables down, and arrange for all spices and oils, with simple clicks and taps over virtually real computer screens, a dish so delicious could be prepared at ease with cooking games. Hence there is no barring for a person who could not prepare good food on his own and who frequently goes out in the restaurants that serve unhygienic food to satisfy his wish to eat delicious food at the end of day.